The Ranges module is a basic module in which shooting ranges can be registered. Very basic, this concerns a runway number, a runway length and the weapon groups that are linked to the runway.

In the Touch module you can spend and release these Jobs, just like weapons. The track issue in the Touch module checks when selecting whether other selected products (weapons and/or ammunition) match the weapon groups that can be shot on the track.

Range planner

A range planner has been available since 1 July 2020, partly as a result of the covid-19 measures.

The range planner can be used both internally and publicly to reserve jobs. The public interface shows which jobs can be reserved and when, over an adjustable number of weeks. Using an input form, a shooter can make a reservation for a job.

The internal course planner offers the possibility for a course manager to view the planning, to approve or delete reservations or to submit reservations himself.