Do you also have a problem with all that paper administration that is involved in meeting the obligations

of the KNSA? Does all the folders you have to search when Special Laws come to do an audit drive you crazy? And are you also forced to comply with EU privacy legislation at the same time?

Perhaps you already have a system for digital registration in Excel, for example, and that gives too little freedom or still too much registration. And that can only be kept by one person. And it is only available in one place.

In Markxman Online, all prescribed information from the Attendance Register, the Register of Introducés, the Weapons Issue State and the Ammunition State is maintained in accordance with the basic requirements of the KNSA. With Markxman Online you also meet the administrative requirements for successful audits of Special Laws.

That’s not all. We also provide additional functionality for league tracking and bar sales.

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Is online safe? And what are the benefits?

As an association you may be hesitant to have your data available online. However, online has many advantages.
You can read more about it here.

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If you want to get started quickly, you can of course immediately order a subscription to Markxman Online.

But nobody makes a decision just like that. That is why you can also request a fully functional environment of our product free of charge and without any obligations.

We know from experience that it works even better if we visit your association for an introduction.
We believe that personal contact is very important, also for possible support in the future. The introduction is therefore not intended as a sales pitch, but is an explanation of our ideas and our package. You will soon find out who we are, we will indicate what our future plans are and we can answer all your questions and wishes at the same time.
Our visit is of course free of charge and without obligation.

You can contact us for a demo, order or introduction via our request form.