The Weapon issue section is present in every edition of Markxman Online.


If you have imported weapons through the Weapons Administration, they can be issued to members

present in the system. There is a registration of which weapon was issued to whom at what time.

Weapons that have been issued remain in name until they are taken back. The time of intake is also registered and is reflected in the arms issue report.

Maintenance and logging

A so-called maintenance counter can be specified in the weapon administration. This counter keeps track of how many times a weapon has been issued and after how many issues the weapon must be serviced again.
If this option is used, no weapon issuance can take place if maintenance is not completed.

Details and maintenance of the weapon can be entered in a Weapon Log.

It is also possible to remove a weapon from the administration by transferring ownership to a private individual/other. The coat of arms thus disappears from its own administration and is then no longer available for issue. Of course, the weapon still appears on the historical reports.



When owning a coat of arms, an overlying foundation may be indicated. This is especially for several shooting clubs that fall under one foundation and jointly own and use weapons. You can read more about it here.