Internal competition is only available as a module in the Professional edition.

Internal competition is intended for associations that want to register and keep track of their internal competitions. The competitions can be created according to the model of the KNSA, but can also be adapted to your own insight.

All competitions can of course be provided with a ranking.

Internal competition, but also external

Markxman Online - Interne competitie

Many smaller associations struggle with the fact that there are sometimes too few participants for specific

competitions. The big advantage of our Internal competition module is that you are not limited to members of your own association.

By making the registration public, other associations that use Markxman Online Professional can participate in the internal competition of your association. That makes the possibilities enormous and the tension within a competition increases. After all, it is often already known in advance which shooter will finish highest.

This way you make your internal competition a lot more attractive.

Markxman Online - Competitiescores