The more you want to automate at your association, the more hardware you will need.

You must purchase the hardware yourself. Markxman does not supply hardware. So we cannot maintain hardware and take on the warranty. Given the size of our company, we are also unable to travel to location in case of problems. In all cases, you are therefore best off with your trusted hardware supplier.

An exception to this is the delivery of the relay for a door opener. These are rather specific and not available everywhere. We can therefore supply them for you, but on our recommendation you can also order and connect them yourself.


Depending on the number of service points you will need one or more computers. Any computer that is reasonably modern and can run a modern web browser is in principle suitable for this.
A tablet is possible, but the experience on this is soon less good, because fewer buttons fit on the screen or the buttons become too small.

Display and touch screen

With a touchscreen you no longer need a mouse

A screen with a minimum resolution of 1280×1024 or rather Full-HD (1920×1080) is most suitable for manned workstations (registrar, arms issue, ammunition sales, bar). If you want to use standard monitors, a 19 inch or larger is most practical.

It is preferable to work with touch-sensitive touchscreens. That’s not a must (a mouse works fine too), but it does improve the experience considerably.
To keep the buttons somewhat clear and sufficiently large, it is recommended to use a minimum of 21 inches (widescreen) and not to set the resolution higher than Full-HD.


The use of a scanner is very useful, especially for present reporting. You can use this to scan the KNSA card (or have it scanned) and thus immediately report the members present, possibly in combination with a door opener.

a scanner simplifies reporting presence

Go for a USB scanner that can read at least Code39 and EAN13 barcodes (every scanner can do that) and don’t choose the cheapest scanner. The cheap scanners often malfunction or only scan well at a specific angle or distance. A mid-segment scanner prevents a lot of annoyances and delays.

A hand scanner (possibly with stand) works fine for the counter, but a wall scanner is usually more practical for self-scanning.

Unmanned service point

If you have an unmanned service point for reporting your presence independently, a separate computer is required for this. A mini-PC is then common, also with a (mini) screen on which the attendance list is visible.

If the purchase of an extra computer is undesirable here, there is the possibility to use two separate sessions with your own monitor, mouse and keyboard/scanner on 1 computer, using PluralInput.

Door opener

Many associations work with an electronic lock of 12-24V that can be opened remotely with a bell push. We can control these door openers from Markxman Online with a special auxiliary relay (supplied through us, on request). Connecting the relays is quite simple and can be done by yourself or by the person who installed the lock.

By mounting a wall scanner in front of the door, you can use the KNSA pass to open the door and report your presence immediately. See here for more info.

You need a place to mount our auxiliary relays (usually meter box). The relay requires a wired internet connection (RJ45), power supply (may be included) and a low voltage power wire to the main relay of the door opener. The relay must be given a fixed IP address in your router.

It is possible to control more than one door opener (for example an extra connecting door to the shooting ranges). There are relays for sale with multiple connections for this purpose.

Cash drawer and receipt printer

Markxman Online cannot directly control cash drawers. This can possibly be done via a receipt printer. In our touch environment you have the option to print a receipt with the payment.
Thermal printers are usually used for this, such as the well-known Epson TM-T88V. Any other (receipt) printer that is suitable for your operating system can also work.


In terms of browser, there is no requirement, but we recommend at least a modern browser that is well supported. This is especially important for safety. We have had the best experience with Chromium-based web browsers on Windows, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave or Opera. FireFox is also very suitable.


Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Apple’s Safari browser gives somewhat less good results in terms of design, as does Chrome on iOS.


The number of simultaneous logins is practically unlimited. You can also log in at different places at the same time with the same account.

As an association you can use a specific (administrative) account for present reporting. That makes it easier, but is not recommended if you want to keep track of who was on duty on a specific date.

IP blocking

In our package you can set IP blocking. That adds an extra layer of security. With IP blocking you ensure that:

  • all admin roles can access anytime, anywhere, anytime
  • all registration roles such as reporting present, weapon issue and ammunition sale can only be accessed from your association location.

After all, there is no reason to allow present reporting or arms distribution from home.