Standaard SSL

AllĀ editions of Markxman Online work with a (TLS) encrypted connection as standard.

This is not an option for us, but simply standard, because we believe that confidential data (passwords) and personal data should not be sent unencrypted over the internet.

When using SSL/TLS all traffic goes through https instead of http. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. With https, all traffic (both on our side and on your side) is encrypted by means of a verified certificate before it is sent over the network. Eavesdropping on that traffic is then in fact impossible. And that gives a familiar feeling when using Markxman Online.

Nowadays there is really no reason not to have all traffic go via https. In the past, certificates were expensive, difficult to install, and slowed down the website. Fortunately those times are over.

Markxman is an official reseller for SSL certificates. If you are looking for an affordable and especially trusted SSL certificate for your own website, we are happy to help you with that.