Markxman Online ledenadministratie - nieuw lid

The member administration section is the most basic part of Markxman Online.

In this section you manage the details of all members, such as personal data, contact details and membership details. You can also indicate per member the roles that the person will have as a user in Markxman Online.

In the membership details you can indicate whether you are a KNSA member or an administrative member. For KNSA members, the KNSA number must be used as membership number. An internal member number is automatically created for administrative members.
The member types (main member, secondary member, etc.) can be defined in a separate screen.

Additional comments can be noted for each member. If you have the Plus or Professional edition, the ammunition leave can also be indicated.


You can upload a photo for visual recognition, which is reflected in the Presence screen. Webcam support is available, so that a photo can be taken on site.

Membership reports

The Member administration section contains several reports, including the Member List (with filter and export options) and the Role List.