Annual CO2 inventory

Constantly trying to reduce emissions, that is what we do by conducting as many visits and meetings digitally as possible. Unfortunately, there is always a tax left with business kilometers, workplaces and our web servers.

In the past year we found extra commitment for two new employees. Despite the fact that it only concerns 1 day a week, it will always provide something extra for workplaces. However, we also made fewer physical customer visits this year.
Another great news is that the data center where our servers are hosted has been working hard on sustainability. Our hosting party ConnectYourHosting has placed its servers at Smartdc, which run 100% on sustainable energy and which now also supplies its residual heat to offices in Rotterdam.

The basis for the calculation of our CO2 emissions is normally approximately 2 tonnes per year. For the compensation we now simply round that up to 5 tons. This is why we turned to FairClimateFund again this year.

In the FairClimateFund biogas project, households in rural India gain access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking. Cooking on biogas is better for health, the climate and the environment and saves households time and money. The biogas is made from bioslurry, a very good and free alternative to fertilizer. Various studies have shown that bioslurry has a very positive effect on agricultural productivity.

Despite compensation, we will of course continue to work on reducing CO2 emissions.